A Nomadic School among the Evenk of Siberia         

French-Evenk Association Sekalan


The French-Evenk Association Sekalan was founded in 2004 at the request of the Evenk of Siberia (Sakha Republic (Yakutia) and Amur region).

The nomadic school allows the families of reindeer breeders to stay united all the year long, to keep a traditional way of life and to transmit to their children their language and the traditional ability to live in the forest. At the same time, the school offers to the children a modern education including as well the federal Russian program as initiation programs to computers and English language.

The final purpose is to allow the children, when they will be adults, to be performing as well in the nomadic life in the forest, as in a city life so as to be able, for instance, to make law studies to support the rights of their people.

The associative work is entirely gratuitous, 99,99% of the received funds go to the functioning of the nomadic school, the rest being devoted to communication.






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